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Caribbean Slope
Monday, November 20, 2017
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Caribbean Slope *


Less than 1 hour and 30 minutes by car from Panama City is the beautiful province of Colon. Set along the turquoise waters of the Caribbean coast, the province has a wide variety of attractions. It has beautiful beaches and islands, interesting historical sites, the largest free trade zone outside of Hong Kong, a state-of-the-art cruise port, and of course world-class bird watching. This region is characterized by the existence of an evergreen tropical rainforest and a high level of endemism, for example the Atelopus Limosus frog, and several threatened raptor species like the Harpy Eagle.

Achiote Road is one of the prime birding sites in Panama, where more than 340 species are counted during the annual 24-hour Atlantic Christmas Bird Count. It’s common to spot Spot-crowned Barbet, Mealy Parrots, Orange-chinned Parakeets, among many others.

Nearby are Fort San Lorenzo, a preserved fort ruin perched high on a stunning promotory above the Chagres River, and Portobello, a picturesque bayside town surrounded by Spanish forts, and a favourite for international yachters.
Other areas of interest nearby include Escobal Road, Tiger Trail, the mangroves of Galeta Point which is an investigation center of STRI (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute), Gatún Locks and Lake, Margarita and Coco Solo.

Here are the bird species that we will be looking for in the area: Red-breasted Blackbird, shore and wading birds, Peregrine Falcons, Merlins, forest-floor and lower-level forest birds such as quail-doves, leaftossers, antpittas, gnatwrens, Savanna Hawk, White-headed and Stripe-breasted Wrens, Montezuma Oropendolas, Gray-cheeked Nunlet, Spot-crowned Barbet, Pied Puffbird, Streaked and Pygmy Antwrens, Sulphur-rumped and Dusky-faced Tanagers.

*At request