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Pipeline Road
Monday, November 20, 2017
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Pipeline Road


Pipeline Road, located along the banks of the Canal near the town of Gamboa, in the Soberania National Park, was named by the Audubon Society as one of the best places in the world for bird-watching. Indeed, it has set world record bird counts – up to 385 species of birds in a 24 hour period.

Species to be looking for include : Yellow-eared Toucanet, Crimson-bellied Woodpecker, Slaty-winged Foliage-gleaner, Russet Antshrike, Sirystes, Gray Elaenia, Olive Elaenia, Sulphur-rumped and Tawny-crested Tanagers, various forest raptors, Buff-throated Foliage-gleaner, Brownish Twistwing, Speckled Mourner, Tawny-faced Gnatwren, Agami Heron, Sunbittern, Great Curassow, Dull-mantled Antbird, Broad-billed Sapayoa, Buff-rumped Warbler.

It is mostly composed of secondary forest of different ages, and primary rainforest towards the end of the road. This protected area is also home to an abundance of wildlife. It is possible to spot Howler- monkeys or other mammal life like sloth, anteaters and agoutis. Pipeline Road is also a site for scientific research of the plants, insects, reptiles and mammals in this habitat.