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Monday, November 20, 2017
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Our Birder’s Delight circuits are a real gem for anyone interested in birds. Our bilingual birding guides are expertly trained to cater for specific needs of even the most experienced birder. We always look for the most beautiful and rare species, although we cannot guarantee sightings, as nature can be capricious. We believe in small group sizes, and this is why we set a limit of 10 people, therefore ensuring a better visitor experience. Our typical day is as follows : we always start birding, in order to be able to see the greatest number of species. We proceed as a small group and make sure that everyone can spot the birds. Breakfast and Lunches are often in the field, and after an afternoon spent doing more birding, we review the days bird sightings.

Group sizes: Minimum 4 persons, maximum 10 persons

Ask for our promotional prices.

We can customize your tour upon request.

We have 5 different circuits at this moment:

Green Western Panamá

Green Canal Area

Green Eastern Panamá

Green Eastern & Canal

Birdwatching Day Tours