Gill and John Stacey, Leicester, England 

At the Birdfair at Rutland Water, John and I were fortunate to be the successful bidders in an auction for a thirteen day trip to Panama, provided by Panama La Verde Birding Circuit, which has been put together by a group of small family run hotels and bed and breakfast owners. All the arrangements were made through Yenia Mendoza at Recontur, the ground operator.


Dr. Rick Wright

Albrook Inn A warm welcome, a warm meal, cool birds: Just a few short minutes from the airport, the Albrook Inn offers the weary traveler all three in abundance. The young staff are charming and helpful, and the kitchen brims with talent. And the birds! The traveling birder will be nearly overwhelmed as soon as she steps out the door, and it is tempting to think of spending an entire day just on the grounds of the Inn, where the subtle beauty of flycatchers and tanagers competes with the gaudy toucans and parrots for the birder's attention. Highly recommended as a layover destination—or at the start or finish of a Panama La Verde tour.


Darlene Smyth (Tucson AZ)

Dear Yenia, I want to let you know how much I enjoyed my recent experience with the Panama La Verde Birding Circuit. The perfection of the tour started with your excellent work as the ReConTur, S.A. tour organizer. Not only were you obviously very detail oriented and over-saw each aspect of the tour from transportation to guides, and food preferences to timing, but you are a BIRDER who understands the importance of flexibility in scheduling and trail selection; a non-birder simply could not have organized such a perfect tour. The fact that you speak fluent English insured there were no misunderstandings, therefore every detail of the trip went as smooth as silk.


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